After 16-years, quitting a career I adored as a Management Consultant
had never crossed my mind and yet,
when my inner voice guided me, I remarkably resigned with ease.

Founding a not-for-profit and certifying as an Energy Healer and NLP Coach,
could only happen after I turned my own life around.

Here's to:

Transforming wounds into wisdom.


Life is rarely as it seems.

I was 12 when the abuse began and 31 when it ended.

Over those 20 years, I developed an overwhelming fear of rejection and abandonment, emotional and psychological trauma, and a belief that I was not worthy of love.

What Do You Do When You Feel You Are Not Good Enough?

I did what most people do, I became a people pleaser.

Smiling faces and words of gratitude met my needs for love and connection however, in caring for others the person I did not take care of was myself.

It took hitting rock bottom for me to wake up and realise:

"This Is My Life. I Alone Am
Responsible For How It Ends, And
It’s Not Ending Like This!"


hich brings me to you. I'm here to serve you. My Pranic Healing and Soul Coaching programmes are founded on love and understanding of what is possible when you are committed to transform your life.

The Journey to wisdom

I understand what it is like to feel lost and alone.

You turn to your friends or family for help but they don't know how to guide you.

You need someone who will not judge you, whom you can trust to fully grasp what you are experiencing.

What you need is a lasting solution because you want to stop feeling this way and change your life now.

You want to live, not just exist.


hange can be daunting, so you need to ask yourself,
“ Am I ready to surrender
and change my life? ”

If the answer is “Yes” - I’d love to connect with you.


You will learn that there is nothing you cannot be, do or have.

You will be supported to get from where you are,
to where you want to be

and you will experience the bliss that comes with surrender.

This is no longer my story,

now it is yours.

How will it end?

You decide.

With love,