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are you experiencing

  • Emotional Trauma

  • Stress, Anxiety and

  • Eating Disorders

  • Addiction

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Mental Disorder

What if there was a way to heal without
having to relive the experience?

Now You Can

Every thought, every feeling you have is just a frequency of energy

Nothing can exist without energy

Your energy is creating your symptoms

To solve your symptoms, we must remove the energy responsible

Once you change your energy, you change your life

Learn How Pranic Healing Can Help You

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What is Pranic Healing?


Pranic Healing is a scientific, ancient, no-touch energy healing system that shifts the energy creating your symptom using ‘prana’.


‘Prana’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘life-force energy’. This energy is responsible for the body’s life and maintenance. You may have heard the Chinese call it “Chi”, The Japanese “Ki”, and in the Old Testament it’s known as “Breath of Life”.


Prana enters your body via the meridian channels. It then flows between your physical body and ‘energy body/aura’.


Just as your physical body houses organs, your aura houses ‘chakras’. Chakras are like power plants responsible for delivering energy into your physical body.


When the prana in your chakras becomes blocked, congested or depleted, symptoms surface. This is what’s known as ‘dis-ease’.


Thanks to decades of research by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, this ancient healing system is practised in over 100 countries.

Imagine Healing From The Comfort
Of Your Home - With Distance Healing

Now You Can.

How Pranic Healing is Applied

Using distance healing techniques, in 3 simple steps,
the prana in your body is manipulated.

Step 1 scanning

Your chakras are examined to detect the degree of energetic imbalance


Diseased energy is removed, improving the flow of energy to your body


Fresh, clean prana is applied, improving your emotional and psychological well-being

Your First Healing / What To Expect


It is just as important to understand how energy works, as it is to heal. Learn with me the finer details of Pranic and Distance Healing


Sit down, relax and allow the distance healing to take place. You may feel something which you are invited to share after your session.


Successful people ask questions and grow. At each session, you are encouraged to expand your awareness.

After Care

Learn how to maximise the effects of Pranic Healing with helpful hints and tips to use at home.

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Q. What is Distant Healing?

Healing is based on two principles:
1. The Principle of Interconnectedness
2. The Principle of Directability.

The Principle of Interconnectedness suggests that we are all interconnected energetically, through the earth’s energy field. The Principle of Directability refers to my ability as your healer to direct energy through thought power. Using these two principles, I carry out distance healing on you.

Q. Will I feel anything?

Perhaps. It will depend on how energetically sensitive you are.

Q. Will I need more than 4 sessions?

Complete healing is achievable within 10 sessions for simple ailments. Chronic or severe ailments may require further sessions.

Q. What do I do when you are healing me?

Nothing. Sit comfortably and relax. I will talk you through the process before your first healing.

Q. Do I have to disclose my past to be healed?

No. Your private life remains confidential. All I need to know is what your symptoms are and how long you have been suffering.

Q. How long before I see an improvement?

This depends on the ailment severity.
For simple ailments, you may experience the improving effects within a few hours or a few days. For chronic or severe ailments, the symptoms may improve within a few days or weeks.

Inner Peace Is Not About Putting More In,
It's About Clearing 'Junk' Out.