Where Love and Grace Resides

As a means to find peace with our fast-paced and emotionally challenging
lifestyle, the western world adopted ancient yogic practices from India.

Many travelled to the spiritual land in search of wisdom held by revered Gurus.

All too often however, the jewel of the teachings was lost in translation, making it
challenging to learn how to conquer life’s hurdles.

That is, until now.

The Ashram

Bliss House Ashram is a non-profit sanctuary where people can retreat, recharge and reconnect.

In partnership with some of the finest Gurus, Masters, Vedanta Philosophers and Spiritual Practitioners,
guests are guided towards inner peace and self-realisation through ancient yogic practices.

Ahead of our grand opening in 2020, the Ashram plays host to
music, meditation and mantra across London and the South East.

"To reach real peace you
need to begin with education"


our offering

These ancient and sacred chants from India have tremendous transformative and healing power.

You sit on the floor within close proximity to the performers, the Wallah (leader) begins with the first mantra. They sing a line, you and everyone else sing back in a call-and-response way. As the chant continues, sometimes for up to 30 minutes, you lose touch with your own voice and become one with the collective. The mind quietens as your sense of “me” or “I” dissolves and the heart opens.

In the words of Krishna Das “thoughts don’t grab you so deeply. Emotions don’t wipe you out so completely. It changes your psyche.”

Please check our events for upcoming concerts

The Ashram plays hosts to new world and traditional Kirtan artists from around the world – prepare to be energetically dazzled.

A havan or fire ceremony is an ancient and sacred ceremony which has the power to purify and transform your body and environment whilst also removing blockages/obstacles in life.

Offerings are made into the fire of ghee, grains and flowers whilst a powerful mantra is chanted to invoke the energies of the Divine.

All guests whether they partake or watch, are equally blessed.

Our priest, Nikunj, joins us from Mumbai, India. Nikunj is the head priest at Shri Ambaji Dham temple where he conducts hundreds of sacred rituals each year. Acharya Nikunj also runs a traditional Hindu boys school in Mumbai.

Vedic Astrology traces back to the Vedas –
the ancient spiritual texts of the Hindus written
5,000 – 8,000 years ago. Through Vedic Astrology we are able to find answers to obstacles strewn along our life path.

Experience first hand the wonders of face reading, numerology, Vastu (aka Feng Shui) and medical astrology: learn correctional remedies for better living, peace and prosperity.

Our gold medallist Vedic Astrologer, Nikunj, joins us from Mumbai, India. Nikunj studied at the internationally reputed Banares University where he was awarded the gold medal.

Yoga is much more than finally touching your toes.
Yoga is the union of the body with the mind, the lower self with the higher self. This is traditional ‘yoga’.

At Bliss House Ashram, we are offering you not just the authentic practice of yoga but the lifestyle by supporting you to:
1. Commit to a practice,
2. Cleanse and strengthen your body,
3. Properly utilise your breath (Pranayama) and,
4. Improve your concentration

Our yoga teacher, Basant, joins us from the infamous Parmath Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh. Basant trained under Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji for 10 years before joining Ved Niketan Ashram.

Vedanta is the world’s most ancient spiritual teaching based on the Vedas. The Vedas contain spiritual knowledge passed down thousands of years ago by the enlightened masters of India.

Vedanta teaches us how to live a content and fulfilled life here and now, permanently free from stress, anxiety and depression. The key to accomplishing this lies in understanding the answer to the question: “Who am I?”.

With systematic guidance you will discover the answer for yourself.

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Our Vedanta teacher, Aditya, spent 3 years in India studying Vedanta Philosophy, Meditation and Sanskrit under the great scholar and monk – Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

If you have physical problems for example aches and pains to chronic ailments or emotional problems like stress, anxiety or even addictions, with Pranic Healing you can experience physical and emotional well being.


Pranic Healing is a scientific, ancient, no-touch healing system originating from India. It tackles the energetic root of your symptoms – after-all, without energy the symptom cannot exist.

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Our Founder Brahmani Rakhi is herself a very passionate
Pranic Healer who has trained with one of 8 living masters globally.
Her desire is to have healers available to those in need of help.



I cannot claim Bliss House Ashram to be my own idea.

The seed for creating this sacred space for inner peace, transformation and
self-realisation, was planted within me by my Divine Mother or,
as some would say, God.

For many years I took no action, the enormity of the task was overwhelming.

However, as I deepened my spiritual practice, my reason for existing became clear to me.

"My purpose is to awaken humanity from their inner turmoil using ancient indian practices founded in unconditional love."

We are Building an Ashram

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